100 Most Checked Out Books of 2019

Do you want to know what your fellow Avalon residents and visitors were reading this year? Well so did we!

New Items Available at the Library!

Over the past year we have been adding all sorts of exciting new products for Avalon residents to borrow. We’ve made wifi hotspots, blu-ray players, Roku streaming boxes, bakeware, Legos, games, STEM toys, and even a metal detector available. Today we are excited to announce that we are going to be expanding our Library of Things even further!

Most Checked Out Music, Games, & Comics of 2018

Last week we showed you which books and movies were the most popular in the library in 2018, and now we’ve got 3 more categories for you!

100 Most Checked Out Books of 2018

Do you find yourself wondering what everyone was reading in Avalon this year? Well wonder no more! Our annual list of the most checked-out books at the library is here!

Have a Question? Ask the Library!

Where is the closest dentist? Who signed the Declaration of Independence? What kind of cord does my phone need? When does the Downton Abbey movie come out? Why haven’t we encountered extraterrestrial life? Is an electric toothbrush really better than a manual? These are the sorts of questions that might keep you up at night, but there is one great place to go to find answers to these and all sorts of other questions: the library!

Using Our Website: The Catalog

We do our best to make sure that all of our services are easy to use and understand for everyone. As part of that effort, we will be making a series of video tutorials for anyone who needs a little extra help navigating our new site. In the first of the series, we show you how to access and search our catalog online from home, how to read the information presented, and how to place holds for pick-up or mail delivery.

Take Our Innovation Survey!

The library needs your help! We are always striving to make sure that we provide the residents and visitors to our area with the sort of services they want and need the most, but we need your feedback to help us succeed!

AFPL’s New Website!

You may have noticed that we have launched a new website! We’re excited about it and hope you are too. We think you will find it helpful and easy to use. We have added the following enhancements to make your experience a positive one: Quick access buttons for your library account and the improved event calendar. […]

Introducing “Read It / Watch It” Binge Boxes!

Which was better, the book or the movie (or TV show)? Now we’re making it easy for you to find out.

100 Most Checked Out DVD’s 2017

With video stores having become a thing of the past, it’s no surprise to learn that the library has become the go-to place to pick up a DVD. As a result, it’s interesting to see just what movies most captured the attention of the local community.