Movie Review: 8-Bit Christmas

Released on HBO Max with relatively little fanfare, 8-Bit Christmas follows a very similar plot to that of A Christmas Story.

Movie Review: Home Sweet Home Alone

Having a better pedigree than usual for this franchise both in front of and behind the camera should add up to at least a passably amusing way to kill some time, but instead we wind up with this remarkably unfunny and somewhat tone-deaf mess.

The AFPL Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We’re back with our annual Holiday Gift Guide! Click through to see our recommendations in tech, home, toys, and more!

The AFPL Holiday Gift Guide 2020

The Holidays are going to be quite different this year for most of us, but one thing that is likely to remain the same is that we’ll still be buying presents for our loved ones.

The AFPL Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

  Looking for that perfect gift for your loved ones this Holiday season? We have curated a selection of items for you that are guaranteed to delight just about any recipient, and fit just about every budget too. Prices listed are the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, so try to avoid paying more than that, but […]

Avalon Library Book Holiday Decorations

Check out the festive holiday decorations we made using books!

Happy Holidays from the Avalon Free Public Library!