Best New Books: Week of 11/16/21

David Baldacci, Dave Eggers, Neal Stephenson, Alexander McCall Smith, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and more.

Movie Review: Titane

If the plot sounds like it’s too much for you, then you’re probably right and this is most assuredly not the movie for you. If you are at all intrigued however, you’ll be in for one of the year’s more memorable movies, that also happens to be surprisingly sweet.

Movie Review: Halloween Kills

As is often the case with sequels, the filmmakers have opted to give us more of what they think we want, significantly upping the body count and serving up ever more extreme displays of gore.

Book Review: My Heart Is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones

The latest from the author of the 2020 hit The Only Good Indians.

Best New Books: Week of 10/19/21

John Grisham, Elizabeth Strout, Jamie Foxx, Anthony Horowitz, Billy Porter, Rebecca Solnit, Jane Goodall & Douglas Abrams, N.K. Jemisin & Jamal Campbell, and more.

Movie Review: V/H/S/94

After the poor reception of V/H/S: Viral in 2014, the fledgling horror anthology franchise seemed like it would be coming to an end after 3 entries. Fans needn’t have worried however, because if there’s anything Hollywood hates, it’s leaving IP unused for too long.

Movie Review: Thelma

This is a very slow-burn horror film, that relies far more on mood and atmosphere than violence or large set pieces, which means that it is very dependent on the performances to make it work.

Best New Books: Week of 10/5/21

Amor Towles, Jonathen Franzen, David Sedaris, Jo Nesbø, Stanley Tucci, Lisa Unger, Miriam Toews, and more.

Best New Books: Week of 9/28/21

Anthony Doerr, Joshua Ferris, Richard Osman, Catriona Ward, Steven Pinker, Anita Hill, Ellen Datlow, and more.

Movie Review: Candyman

The latest entry in the franchise mixes pointed messaging in with the mayhem.