If you liked the DaVinci Code…

Here’s a book series for you that is part DaVinci Code, part Indiana Jones adventure:

Sacred Bones and Sacred Blood, novels by Michael Byrnes. Here’s the review from Booklist:

Booklist  2009-03-01

In The Sacred Bones (2007), Charlotte Hennessy, an American geneticist, made a startling discovery: the bones of an ancient crucifixion victim are almost certainly those of Jesus Christ. Charlotte managed–barely– to escape the clutches of a Vatican-based conspiracy to keep the existence of the bones a secret, and now, in this fast-paced follow-up, she is once again being targeted. This time, however, it’s because she has DNA extracted from the bones running through her bloodstream–the DNA of Christ himself, which comes with some very special powers. The religious thriller exploded with the publication of The Da Vinci Code, and fans may be beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of titles vying for their attention. Readers of The Sacred Bones should have no trouble finding this one, but others may need a gentle push in its direction. The novel will never be confused with great literature, but it keeps you entertained for the duration with a mix of suspense and a premise that, however outlandish, proves difficult to abandon. David Pitt. 272pg. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, c2009.

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