Quirky: a Site for the Closet Inventor

I stumbled upon this great site today called Quirky where you can shop for cleverly designed inventions, such as flexible power strips, super-ergo wine openers, sculptural multi-port device chargers and more. The best part about it? You can submit your own ideas and vote for ideas that you want to see made into products. You can even earn money if your idea is chosen for production. This is a pretty cool concept because haven’t we all had that great little idea that you know could change the world if only you could design it, produce it and put it out for purchase? Of course we have! I may or may not submit my perfect design for glasses that can’t be misplaced, but I am pretty sure I am going to be putting several things from this site on my Christmas list (hint, hint, husband-of-mine!) And even if you don’t buy anything or submit ideas, how cool is it to potentially be able to influence the course of history by voting for your favorite concepts? Go check out the newest submissions to Quirky now!

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