On This Day, November 8

On November 8, 1960, John F. Kennedy becomes the youngest man ever to be elected president of the United States, narrowly beating Republican Vice President Richard Nixon. He was also the first Catholic to become president.The campaign was hard fought and bitter. For the first time, presidential candidates engaged in televised debates. Many observers believed that Kennedy’s poised and charming performance during the four debates made the difference in the final vote. Issues, however, also played a role in the election, and the nation’s foreign policy was a major bone of contention between Kennedy and Nixon. Find President Kennedy at the library, on hoopla and in OverDrive.


On November 6, 1847, Bram Stoker, author of the horror novel “Dracula,” is born in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland. Stoker’s villainous, blood-sucking creation, the vampire Count Dracula, became a pop-culture icon and has been featured in hundreds of movies, books, plays and other forms of entertainment. Find Bram Stoker at the library, on hoopla and in OverDrive.


On November 8, 1971, 1971, Led Zeppelin releases the album “Led Zeppelin IV“. Find Led Zeppelin at the library and in hoopla.

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