Best New Books: Week of 12/19/17

The holidays are this weekend! As such there are very few new books being released this week. We have an eBook reissue of a lesser known Stephen King fantasy work, and an inspirational title about life at middle-age. Otherwise, it may be a good time to see what 2017 releases you may have missed by checking out the different end-of-the-year best lists floating around out there (ours is coming soon).


The Eyes of the Dragon by  Stephen King

the eyes of the dragon“Once, in a kingdom called Delain, there was a king with two sons….”

Thus begins one of the most unique tales that master storyteller Stephen King has ever written—a sprawling fantasy of dark magic and the struggle for absolute power that utterly transforms the destinies of two brothers born into royalty. Through this enthralling masterpiece of mythical adventure, intrigue, and terror, you will thrill to this unforgettable narrative filled with relentless, wicked enchantment, and the most terrible of secrets….

Description from Goodreads.

“It is just not possible to stop turning the pages” – The Washington Post

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Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife by  Cheryl Richardson

waking up in winterInternationally recognized coach and New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Richardson has toured the world empowering others to make lasting change. But when Richardson’s own life no longer worked as it once had, a persistent, inner voice offered unmistakable guidance: it was time to reevaluate her life to uncover what really mattered.

Waking Up in Winter is the candid and revelatory account of how at midlife, Richardson found renewed contentment and purpose through a heroic, inward journey. The unfolding story, told through intimate journal entries, follows Richardson from the first, gentle nudges of change to a thoughtfully reimagined life – a soulful, spring awakening.

With an experienced coach’s intuition and an artist’s eye, Richardson reexamines everything – her marriage, her work, her friendships, and her priorities – gracefully shedding parts of the self that no longer serve along the way.

In the end, she not only discovers what really matters at midlife, she invites readers to join her in the inquiry process by providing thought-provoking questions designed to usher them through their own season of transformation.

Offering up Richardson’s most powerful teaching tool yet – her own life – Waking Up in Winter takes readers on a brave, spiritual adventure that shows us all how to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

Description from Goodreads.

“…an outbreath of a book filled with vulnerability, insight, and power. Cheryl’s unwavering wisdom and clarity throughout is beguiling and inspiring. Written with heart and humor, this is a powerful and brave next step for Cheryl as a writer and a woman.” – Alanis Morissette

“This book is pure gold! I saw so many aspects of my own journey, triumphs and struggles. In these soulful pages, Cheryl explores how she began to listen to her life in order to live and love it fully. Now it’s our turn.” – Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author

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