Book Review: “Everything Trump Touches Dies” by Rick Wilson

everything trump touches diesNo matter who is in office there will never be a shortage of political opinion books, though it seems like we are in the midst of particularly large boom for the genre at the moment. Regardless of how many are being published or how well they might sell, they are generally all just preaching to the choir however, with liberals writing books for liberals and conservatives writing books for conservatives and no one really expecting large numbers of people to move outside of their ideological comfort zones. This book would seem to break that pretty strict mold, as we have a conservative writer espousing opinions that, while not exactly liberal, certainly go against our current, allegedly conservative President. So who exactly is it for? That’s hard to say. Much of what long-time Republican campaign strategist Rick Wilson has to say over the course of these 300+ pages will probably have liberals nodding along in agreement over their shared contempt of Trump, even if they will find themselves nonplussed by the rare appearances of Mr. Wilson’s libertarian-leaning opinions on other matters. It’s certainly not going to win over any die-hard Trump supporters, and realistically has a near-zero percent chance of swaying their opinions, if any of them even actually read it. But what about those Republicans who find themselves only grudgingly supporting our 45th President? They might really be who this book is aimed at, as the overarching point seems to be that Donald Trump isn’t very Republican or conservative at all, at least not in the way we once thought of those things, and that the GOP should stop going along for the ride. He does have some valid points to back up this opinion, and has a good deal of hard advice for Republicans (and Democrats), that they would be wise to heed. But the snarky tone with which everything is delivered and the weird little comedic sketches interspersed throughout, though often pretty funny, make it harder to take the whole thing seriously. ★★★ – Sean Farrell


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