YA Book Review: “American Royals” by Katharine McGee

american royalsI have only a few things in my life that I am truly obsessed with. Those things are food, books, and movies. Not necessarily in that order, but they really are the only things that I need to make me truly happy. Well, ok… I
need food, books, movies… And my cats. And THAT is really it. I’m a simple person. I also love to talk about food and books and movies (and cats, but I try hard not to be that person that talks insanely about their cats. Sometimes it’s a losing battle). Now, I have a captive audience. Don’t look so worried. I don’t bite.

Since you haven’t stopped reading this yet, let me share with you the latest YA book that took me completely by surprise. Recently I happened to pick up American Royals by Katharine McGee. I have to admit, I really had no expectations for this read. I almost didn’t give it a chance. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it was the cover art. I literally almost judged the book by its cover! GASP! But I am so very glad I didn’t.

From the very first page, McGee sets us up in a very believable alternate world. What if… What if… George Washington wasn’t the first President of the United States? What if George Washington was actually the first KING of the United States? A simple “what if” question that knocked me off kilter just a little bit. Then, I was very much intrigued. The notion of royalty has always been so far removed in my mind. It was something that you see on TV or read in history books. But with American Royals, we are suddenly in the middle of our very own royal soap opera.

McGee delivers some wonderful characters that draw you in and make you want to keep reading. From the harsh expectations of Beatrice, the first female heir to the American throne, to her sister Samantha (the spare heir) and her twin brother Jeffery (of which some in the country still think that he should be the rightful heir) each must grapple with what the Royal family and the country expect from them. Each must fight to find their place in a country that assumes a royal can only exist in the strict confines that history
dictates. And each must strive to go beyond what they believe being a royal in American means for them.

American Royals has it all. Romance, intrigue, and wonderful characters that you just can’t help but go all in and root for. My only disappointment came when I realized that I stumbled upon the beginning of a series, because I am an impatient reader. I am the Veruca Salt of readers. I want the second book and I want it NOW!!! But if you are a Veruca Salt as well, don’t let this stop you from picking up American Royals and giving it a go. I’m sure the next book in the series will be well worth the wait! ★★★★ – Shari Schwert

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