Book Review: “Too Much and Never Enough” by Mary L. Trump

too much and never enoughThere have been no shortage of books published about our 45th President, both in support of and opposition to him, but coming from his niece, this one stands out among them. It isn’t about policy or law, though those topics do come up by necessity, but instead tells the story of his and his siblings’ upbringings, in an attempt to show just how Donald Trump turned out the way he did. Life in the family’s large Queens home was far from ideal, with a father who pitted the children against each other for his praise, and a mother who seemed indifferent at best. Much of the book is also devoted to Donald’s older brother, and Mary’s father, Freddy, whose treatment from his family she argues was flat-out cruel, and ultimately led to his death in the early 80’s. It is interesting to read about such a dysfunctional family, and the ways in which the actions of parents can affect their children all through their lives, no matter how much money they have. And while the point of the book is not to elaborate on potentially illegal activities, there are more than a few allegations herein. Mary is a surprisingly good writer who knows how to tell a compelling story. Regardless of how much you really care to know about the Trump family, this is a hard book to put down. It is only at the end, when it begins to feel like she has a personal agenda against Donald (perhaps justifiably so), and she switches from the recounting of facts to her own opinions that things fall apart a little. ★★★★ – Sean Farrell

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