Movie Review: The French Dispatch

It isn’t particularly surprising that Wes Anderson would one day turn his attentions towards making a cinematic ode to The New Yorker, or that it would be quite good.

Movie Review: Don’t Look Up

Sometimes when you watch a movie you can immediately tell that’s it’s going to be divisive, that when it’s over some people are going to think it’s fantastic and some are going to think it’s complete drivel, with very few opinions falling in between. When the credits rolled on Don’t Look Up, it was clear this was going to be one of those movies.

Movie Review: 8-Bit Christmas

Released on HBO Max with relatively little fanfare, 8-Bit Christmas follows a very similar plot to that of A Christmas Story.

Best New Books: Month of December

Amanda Gorman, Kimberly Belle, Rachel Kapelke-Dale, Juhea Kim, Neel Patel, Ayşegül Savaş, and more.

Movie Review: Home Sweet Home Alone

Having a better pedigree than usual for this franchise both in front of and behind the camera should add up to at least a passably amusing way to kill some time, but instead we wind up with this remarkably unfunny and somewhat tone-deaf mess.

Movie Review: Red Notice

Netflix’s engineer a global hit is Rawson Marshall Thurber’s Red Notice, and if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what an action-comedy would look like if the idea had been dreamt up by an algorithm-fed A.I., you’ve come to the right place.

Movie Review: Zola

The first movie based on a Twitter thread proves to be surprisingly good.

Best New Books: Week of 10/12/21

Hillary Rodham Clinton & Louise Penny, John le Carré, Susan Orlean, Alice Hoffman, Ron & Clint Howard, Nick Offerman, and more.

Best New Books: Week of 10/5/21

Amor Towles, Jonathen Franzen, David Sedaris, Jo Nesbø, Stanley Tucci, Lisa Unger, Miriam Toews, and more.

Best New Books: Week of 9/28/21

Anthony Doerr, Joshua Ferris, Richard Osman, Catriona Ward, Steven Pinker, Anita Hill, Ellen Datlow, and more.