Movie Review: Encanto

There are few movies made anymore that even attempt to capture the sense of wonder and joy that Encanto delivers in spades.

Movie Review: Mass

There is a lot that has to go right for a movie to achieve greatness: a competent director, a solid script, and good casting to name but a few. But there are some times when a movie is so zeroed in on the performances that it can seem as if nothing else really matters. Mass is one such film.

Movie Review: Spencer

The British Royal Family garners seemingly equal numbers of admirers and detractors. It seems fitting then that this latest biopic from auteur director Pablo Larraín is likely to cause an equal amount of polarization amongst viewers. 

Movie Review: The Wild Goose Lake

Diao’s direction oozes style from the very beginning, with beautifully shot scenes that alternate between bright days, drab nights, and sensuous washes of neon color.

Movie Review: The French Dispatch

It isn’t particularly surprising that Wes Anderson would one day turn his attentions towards making a cinematic ode to The New Yorker, or that it would be quite good.

New DVDs: January 2022

A guide to some of the notable movies arriving on video at the library this month.

Movie Review: Don’t Look Up

Sometimes when you watch a movie you can immediately tell that’s it’s going to be divisive, that when it’s over some people are going to think it’s fantastic and some are going to think it’s complete drivel, with very few opinions falling in between. When the credits rolled on Don’t Look Up, it was clear this was going to be one of those movies.

Best of 2021: Staff Picks

A look at the favorite books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, video games, albums, and more of many members of our staff.

Movie Review: West Side Story

Having directed well over 50 movies prior to this one, it’s a bit of a surprise that this is Spielberg’s first musical, and he handles it like the true master of the craft that he is.

Movie Review: The Power of the Dog

This is a deliberately paced movie, that is all too happy to linger on a striking Montana vista (and they are REALLY striking), or to dwell on a character’s quirks. There is a tension running throughout however, as almost from the get-go one can sense that this is all going to end badly for someone.