Avatar–a lot of hype?

I just saw the movie Avatar in IMAX 3D. The graphics are spectacular and the scenery creative and amazing. The plot is trite and predictable. Ultimately a movie hinges on the plot, no matter how great the special effects. This storyline was just ok enough to carry the movie through with the effects enough to dazzle the eye. I feel like I’m hard to impress, though, in this age of modern video games. Watching Avatar felt like watching a very impressive-looking current video game. I was impressed, but not pulled in. I don’t know. Was I just over-awed by the hype? Would I have enjoyed it more had I seen the movie before I heard everyone talking about how great it was and my expectations were raised? I just don’t know. But ultimately, the story was average, and the movie was definitely not the new Star Wars.

-contributed by staffer Shannon Wertzberger

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