Dante’s Inferno-PS3 review

Hell awaits!!! Or so the commercial says in this retelling of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy…sort of.  Actually it is very loosely based….Verrrrrryyyy Loooooosssseeely Based.  You have Dante, the main character, returning home from the crusades to find that his love, Beatrice, been killed and taken to hell.  Dante’s quest is to go and rescue the girl and find out why with Virgil as your guide.

The graphics for the cut scenes where quite good, the animated flashback scenes were done very well…..the game play graphics were just ok.  If you have ever played God of War you have played Dante’s Inferno……it is the same game, different setting.  You will be running through the linear levels kill a certain amount of baddies and just keep moving on as you string combos together and it won’t take long to find out you can kill most with a single button combo.  I just was really not that impressed.

I would have loved to be able to control the camera angles (which are just plain awful) and take a look around hell, but alas no. I would suggest renting the game as it will not take long to beat….less than a day.  Now, unfortunately for the kiddies this is not a game for you.  Parents BEWARE!!!!  The game does have nudity in it and very suggestive sexual themes with tons of blood and gore.  When you first encounter Beatrice, her dress has been ripped,  a sword sticking in her gut and her bare breasts are exposed and things just kind of go downhill from there with the mature themes.  2 out of 5 stars.

-Contributed by user Chris Nagle

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