Spiderman–Shattered Dimensions for Playstation 3

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Review

Hello fellow Spidey lovers.  So, I am not Stan Lee, not even close….however the voice of the narrator IS Stan Lee.  When you start the game and hear the famous voice of the superhero creator Stan Lee and see the awesome cell-shaping graphics be ready to be sucked into a video game version of a comic book.  Unlike previous spider-man games where you can free roam and explore the city this is not.  You will be playing through levels or stages that are set.  You can play as one of four different Spider-Man’s or is it men’s, I think the latter. Anyways, you will go through three individual stages with each different Spider-Man and they are….drum roll please…..Amazing, Ultimate, Noir and 2099.  Each Spider-Man has his own attribute or specialty that sets him apart from the others as you hunt down the Tablet of Chaos and make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, but this is Spidey we are talking about so inevitably…well with great power come great responsibility.

You will notice as you play through the game the graphics are Spectacular.  The voice acting is AMAZING; definitely a lot of great Spidey quips but some can get redundant as you play through a level when the voice of Madame Web keeps telling you to do what you already figured out to do.  Some of the controls are not quite Sensational and you try to web grab and object a throw it at an enemy or an object. Now with all the hype and work that they put into this game you figured it would be longer Astonishing enough it is not.  Very short game, however the game will have Downloadable Content (DLC) so who knows if there are still more Untold Tales they will add. To tell you the truth they really have the option to make it Unlimited.  So, as they spin the WEB OF SPIDER-MAN to make this one of the Ultimate Spidey games.

To wrap things up I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5.  It was a fun game and I could see myself picking it up again for another play through.  Suggested age would be 8 and up.  Until next time….as Stan Lee would say….Excelsior!!!!!

P.S. All words that are in Caps are names of Spider-man comics….in case you were wondering.


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