The Sony WiFi Reader with Overdrive, in Review

The Gadgeteer blog’s Janet Cloninger wrote a terrific, in-depth review on October 28, detailing the the new Sony WiFi ebook reader. Even though Sony was one of the first in the ereader market, they have fallen well behind Kindle and Nook recently. This new reader may just be their saving grace. Why, in particular? In my view (and keep in mind I’m biased toward the library view) it is the WiFi’s ability to shop for and download library books through Overdrive right on the reader without a computer hookup that makes it stand out above the current Kindle and Nook ereaders. That being said, I have no idea how the Kindle Fire will handle the Overdrive app, but I believe that since it is running Android and will run apps that the Fire reader will allow users to go straight to the Overdrive app and get library books. I’m stating this as an educated assumption, but I could be wrong. We will see in the very near future when the Fire comes out and I get my hands on one. And I promise that I will post the comparison right here, as we are getting a Sony WiFi at the library to play with as well.

In the meantime, please go read Janet Cloninger’s review of the Sony WiFi. She details all of its features and included bunches of photographs. All I can say is, “Thank you, Janet, for making my life easier!”

–contributed by staffer Shannon Baker

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