Gizmodo presents a hands-on side-by-side comparison between the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook tablet

The nice people at Gizmodo have gotten their hands on both an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and the newly announced Barnes and Noble Nook tablet. What they say is no real surprise: while the specs of the Nook look better on paper, the Fire may well outperform it, and, at $50 less, will have a more appealing price point of $200. Amazon actually has content in the cloud (movies, books, tv shows, music), while B&N is only able to provide you access to content through various pre-installed apps (Hulu, Netflix, etc.)

I have a feeling that the Kindle will remain the Walkman brand of its day and will continue to crush the competition. I will have my own hands-on report on the Fire, focusing on how it works with Overdrive library downloads, as soon as it’s released so stay tuned.

Gizmodo comparision between the Fire and the Nook tab:

–contributed by staffer Shannon Baker

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