Winter Storm Jonas

We went out and took some pictures around town after Winter Storm Jonas. The library was unharmed during the storm, but we cannot say the same thing for the dunes along the beaches. See for yourself!


  1. Thank you for documenting the devastation. So much for the comments to the press by Gov. Christie. It is sad commentary when the state’s leadership ignores the plight of our state’s coast and it’s citizens while making derogatory comments about local public officials who are trying to deal with the devastation.

    Gov. Christie, everything is not fine in this state and if you had done your job and come to Cape May county towns you would know that. When the New Hampshire voters go the polls, let’s hope they remember how inappropriately you respond to the needs of the people who elect you.

  2. No pictures of the Bay Area.come over to see PA Harbor on 20th street.
    Many Docks (including public dock) and bulkhead destroyed and damaged.

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