IRS Scam Phone Calls

Area residents are reporting fraudulent phone calls seeming to come from a Washington D.C. area code, usually a recording claiming that the IRS is filing a suit against the person answering the call. They urge you to call back and try to make you feel that you are in imminent danger of a lawsuit or possibly arrest. If you call back you talk to a person who claims you owe the IRS a specified amount of money but that they will agree to take less if you wire money to a particular account. These people may give phony badge numbers to make you feel as if they are legitimate IRS agents, however, they are not. It is a scam and a very aggressive scam. They have called one library employee four times today alone and other employees have also received the phone calls.

Please read the following IRS press release about the scams and if you feel you have been a victim of an attack of this sort, report it to the IRS by clicking here.


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