Spiderman Shattered Dimensions for Playstation 3

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Once again your friendly neighborhood Spider-man is back, is back, is back, and yes is back.  Why four times is he back? Well, there are four different Spideys.  Unlike previous Spider-Man games, where it is a free roam,  this one is linear and level-based.

You mentioned four Spideys, Chris…..what do you mean? Get to it all ready!……

Well, each level represents one of the different realities that have been shattered and you will play either the Amazing Spider-man, Noir Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man (he’s in the black suit), or 2099 Spider-Man.

The graphics are nice and sharp and with the cell shading the way it is used it is kind of like watching the comic book come to life.

Game play is fun. Yeah it is different than the previous free-roam web-slinging around New York (you are restricted to linear based levels), but I still felt like Spider-Man had his fair share of web-slinging through the levels.

Parents, there is the normal comic book fighting that you would normally see in a Spider-Man book.  He is his normal wisecracking self and I would say it is safe for 10 and up.  Younger kids may have some difficulty with getting used to the controls, but you know how kids are quick learners so this should pose no threat.

4 out of 5 stars

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