The Avalon Library is Expanding!

Avalon Library is looking for new ways to serve our patrons on the island, so we felt the best way to do that is invest in where the people are: the beach!

We’re proud to introduce our newest branch – The Avalon Free Public Library Beach Branch! We are building an almost exact replica of the current library on 32nd Street down on the 32nd Street beach next to the Avalon Fishing Pier! This branch will be home to a vast selection of beach reads, quiet reading areas with beach side views, a serve yourself ice cream and coffee bar, a trampoline room for the kids, and free public Wi-Fi for the whole beach block!

Concept Artwork

We believe our Avalon Free Public Library Beach Branch will be an instant hit despite taking up 9000 sq ft of prime beach real estate. Now, Avalon beach goers will be able to browse our research databases from the comfort of their own beach towel!

Concept Artwork

If all this seems to good to be true, well it is! April Fools!! 😀

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