Book Review: “Assume the Worst” by Carl Hiaasen & Roz Chast

assume the worstTypical graduation speeches are full of platitudes and seemingly sage advice, all designed to make the listener feel special. Author Carl Hiaasen thinks that might not be the best way to go, and instead offers up this witty but realistic look at what graduates should expect from life now that they’ll be sent out to live it. Since it takes the form of a speech, with clever illustrations from Roz Chast, this slim book can be read fairly quickly, and while it may seem a little heavy on the doom-and-gloom, it offers just enough hope to make the reader feel that while they may not be likely to change the world as an individual (despite what most such speeches would have one believe), just being decent people means we could all change the world together. And that feels like a message that’s really worth hearing right now. ★★★★ – Sean Farrell


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