Book Review: “The Disasters” by M.K. England

disastersWhen you’re in the mood for some pure, escapist fun, a good YA novel can be just what you need, and “The Disasters” is a great example of why. Pilot Nax Hall washes out of the Ellis Station Academy on his first day, killing his dreams of piloting his own spaceship. As he waits to be transported back to Earth with 3 other washouts the station comes under attack. The 4 manage to steal a ship and escape only to find themselves being framed for the crime. On another planet they meet up with a hacker who helps them try to clear the names, stay alive, and maybe save the Universe. The characters are not all brought to life quite as well as they could have been, but I still found myself drawn to and rooting for them. The main story feels very timely as well, and the incredibly diverse cast being treated completely normally is a nice change. This book isn’t necessarily aiming to be a literary masterpiece, but it is a lot of fun, and it does have a bit more than mindless entertainment on the brain. Here’s hoping we get the pleasure of learning more about this crew in the near future. ★★★★ – Sean Farrell

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