YA Book Review: “The Devil’s” Series by Donna Hosie

devil's internGuess who’s back… back again….?

Yup, here I am. Crazy, right?

Well, I have to admit, I’m glad that they let me chat with you again. You see, I felt just
awful about my last review. Not that I gave you bad literary advice, but rather that I only
gave you the beginning of a series. So, to make up for it, I wanted to tell you about an
entire series that will set you up for a nice long read. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice long
read? It’s like binging a show…

Ok… here it is…. Without further ado… I have for you an entire series about…


Yes. You read that correctly. What? Are you surprised? The first book of the series is
called The Devil’s Intern (this is a theme guys, so be prepared). But don’t worry, it isn’t
your typical hellish setting. Unless you don’t care for people. Or crowds. Then it might
be your idea of Hell. But I digress…

In Donna Hosie’s first book of the series we meet seventeen year old Michael. Poor
Michael finds himself in the crowded Underworld after he’s struck down by a bus (a
lesson, boys and girls, to stop looking at your phone and to watch where you are going).
After some time spent in his new surroundings, he becomes an intern in Hell’s
accounting office. And lately Michael has noticed a disturbing trend. There has been an
increased influx of souls and Hell’s resources seem to be under strain. It is soon after
that Michael overhears his new boss discussing a plan to limit the number of new souls
coming into the Underworld with a legendary time travel device and Michael starts to
hatch a plan of his own. What if he could use the device to change history and prevent
his own death? But, nothing is ever that easy now, is it? Michael’s plans go haywire
when his three best friends – a Viking prince, a girl from 17th Century London,
and a 60’s girl from San Fransisco – decide that this is not something he can do on his
own. And they soon learn that their lives and deaths are linked in dangerous and
unpredictable ways.

With the first book in the series, Hosie sets her readers up for one Hell of a ride (see
what I did there?). The premise is thoroughly original and compelling. The characters
are funny and touching. And the end leaves the reader only wanting more.

And more the reader gets!

After reading The Devil’s Intern you can go on to read The Devil’s Dreamcatcher, The
Devil’s Banshee and The Devil’s Horsemen. Enjoy!!! ★★★★ – Shari Schwert

★★★★★ = Excellent | ★★★★ = Very Good | ★★★ = Good | ★★ = Fair | ★ = Poor

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