Fun Activities To Try at Home

AFPL Coloring Book 2020 coverWe’re always looking out for fun ideas for you to try at home, and we have a couple of great ones this time!

Kids will love this year’s Summertime in Avalon coloring book! It’s filled with activities, fun facts about the town, and of course lots of pictures to color! Kids can even color and cut out their own bookmarks! You can download the coloring book by clicking here and then print out as many copies as you want.

Secondly, it’s recently come to our attention that it is incredibly easy to make ice cream at home with equipment that you probably already have! Sean has been doing it for weeks now and made this video to walk you through the process. It’s very simple and can be a fun activity to share with your kids or just a special treat to enjoy throughout the Summer. You may never buy ice cream again!

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