Awards Season Movie Review: The Trial of the Chicago 7

trial of the chicago 7Aaron Sorkin’s dramatic retelling of the titular trial following the riots during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968 is an absolute masterwork of courtroom drama. The casting is impeccable, with everyone delivering flawless performances. As is usual with Mr. Sorkin, the script zips along efficiently, telling us everything we need to know to keep us glued to the screen, while injecting enough wit to prevent the tension (or the outrage) from becoming unbearable. And when you see what was done to these 7 men (plus, and perhaps especially, Black Panther activist Bobby Seale), you will feel outrage. The flagrant disregard for the civil rights of American citizens that was demonstrated during this trial is absolutely shocking, and an all too timely reminder of just how fragile our society really is. A riveting, relevant, rousing film that couldn’t have come out at a better time. ★★★★★ – Sean Farrell

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