Midomi–Free website that will identify music

This website, Midomi, is pretty amazing. It can fairly relibably identify songs and artists by “listening” to  you humming or singing a snippet (not sure if it takes into account people who are tone deaf!). Check it out and try for yourself. It is free, but you have to register. It has some other functions where it can save your favorite songs, and some social networking functions, but mostly it’s just cool. We’ve all gotten songs stuck in our heads that we’d kill to identify. This saves you the embarassment of singing it to friends and coworkers. Plus, it would make a fun game for a half hour or so. Try to stump the computer by using songs you know, or by singing them slightly off-key. Ok, maybe my sense of fun is a little warped, or, dare we say, nerdy, but hey, like I said, it’s all free…

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  1. Trying to find the name of a song that played at the end of Suits on USA last night when Harvey and Scotty are in the bar.

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