5 Apps to Get You Through the Holiday Season


Jet is a shopping app that has been generating a lot of buzz lately due to the amount of discounts you can rack up. I would go into more detail but this video explains everything you need to know. My first experience ordering from Jet was a breeze. The app was very easy to use, and the discounts seemed to come out of nowhere. I ended up getting free shipping!

Why you’d want to use this app: This app would be perfect for buying all of your holiday party prep like decorations, wrapping paper, cups, plates, and utensils. While you’re at it, you can search their curated gift guides for all of those hard-to-shop-for people in your life.



Wish is another shopping app that specializes in insane discounts on items. I’ve seen anywhere from 70%-97% off of some items! One downside is the shipping can take up to a month on some items but they are very up front about it. The selection is very weird, but I spent about a half hour searching through it and found some great holiday gifts! Not to mention I paid about a 1/4 of what I would have paid at the mall! Not to mention the app was very easy to use and not overwhelming at all. Each item also has reviews from real people about their experiences once they’ve received the item, which is also nice.

Why you’d want to use this app: The prices are insanely low and the selection has something for everyone. It’s certainly worth checking out!



Having a hard time choosing what to do with your family this holiday season? Check out Groupon, an app that gets you discounts on everything from restaurants to whale watching excursions! They also have discounts on products as well. Groupon has been around for a while and people in big cities loved it so much that they’ve expanded out down our way.

Why you’d want to use this app: If you’re stuck wondering what to do with the family, this app offers coupons for great experiences in the local area!



Gyft is revolutionizing the way you do gift cards. First, you can search through hundreds of retailers and choose gift cards of however much you want. You can send these gift cards over text or email to whoever you’d like. Gyft also helps you manage your own gift cards. One problem I have every year is tracking how much money I have left on my Wawa gift cards. Fortunately, Wawa is one of the companies featured on Gyft! All I have to do is plug in my gift card number and it shows me my balance.

Why you’d want to use this app: If you are a gift card gifter or a gift card recipient, this is the easiest way to manage gift cards, period.


Dollar Shave Club

This one is more of a niche app but bear with me. Every family has that one twenty-something year old guy who refuses to shave his face. Dollar shave club delivers high quality razors every month for a fraction of what you pay at the store. This isn’t just for men either, a lot of women use these razors too! I signed up for Dollar Shave Club and I get a 4 pack of 4-blade razors every month for $6 per month (I splurged on a better razor package, they do have a 4 pack of 2-blade razors for $1 a month). Currently, I have 10 new razors for a total cost of $18. Four razors in the store cost upwards of $30-$40. It’s a no brainer really. Oh and the app is insanely easy to use and manage your account. They have other hygiene products available as well.

Why you’d want use this app: To tell that special person in your life that they need to shave.. and save money while doing it!




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