Overlord 2 for PS3

“I am the Supreme Overlord: bow to me.”  O.k., maybe I am not the Supreme Overlord, but I can tell you, playing Overlord 2 was a blast.  You are the Overlord and you control your minions and conquer the world and seek revenge.  I simply found this game fun; it was somewhat repetitive but I could not draw myself away from it.  The graphics, the game play, the story: all triple A+.  You will become drunk with power as you take control or dominate and destroy.

The game can be semi-difficult at times but nothing major, most of it is just learning what the best ratio of minions are.  There are some aspects that may offend some people such as the clubbing of the baby white seals, the taking of more than one wife/ mistress.  You just have to remember: you are an evil overlord seeking revenge.  I would suggest this game for ages 16 and higher. There are some mild adult themes, but think PG-13 or should I say PG-16.  Reply, yes I would (man I sound like Yoda)–4 Stars.

-contributed by user Chris Nagle

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