Rocksmith for Playstation 3

Take notice of the game’s name: it is called ROCKSMITH not rockband (I left that in lowercase on purpose; rockband doesn’t deserve to even start with a capital r.) They are two different games.  I think it started when I was at K-Mart or Wal-Mart when I was watching someone play rockband and saying “This is like playing a real guitar……” NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!  I spent many hours learning how to play guitar and rockband (never to be capitalized in my presence) is not, and I repeat NOT , like playing a real guitar, bass, drums etc…..All it is a glorified controller shaped like an instrument.   So, when ROCKSMITH (always to be capitalized in my presence) came out I will admit I was like, “Meh.”  So, one afternoon I am at the Avalon library, stopping in to check out a CD, just looking for something new to tune in to.  But, I am also a gamer so I go to check out the games.  And there was ROCKSMITH.  I thought, “Oh brother, another waste-of-time-pretending-to-play-guitar-game.” But then I took a closer look at the game and it said I need a REAL guitar to play….o.k. now my interest was piqued. I brought it home, put the game in and PLUGGED MY GUITAR IN!! YES, PLUGGED MY GUITAR IN!!!!   So, you will need a real guitar to play.

There are two versions you can buy of this game: 1: with a guitar, special cord and game. 2: just the game and cord. Option 2 is if you already have a guitar.  Now before we begin, I have to say: this game is not your regular-priced PS3 game.  The version that comes with guitar is in the range of $279 and the version without guitar is about $80 bucks.  It is worth it, especially if you play guitar.  Whether you are a novice player, or have experience, you will love this game.

There are over 50 songs you can learn and there is lots of downloadable content.  There are mini games that help you learn the fret board, chords, scales and techniques.  You can either learn a single song or take on an event, which is a couple of songs that you practice then you play in a concert or venue setting. If you do well in the event you can get an encore or a double encore.

As you play the game you can unlock different guitars, tones/ pedals, venues and there are a few songs you can unlock as well.

As I look at what I have written I don’t feel that this review does this game any justice…..Bottom line this game is very good.  Get it if you love music. Get it if you think rockband is good, because this game really is the guitar game rock game of the future!!!   Now I want to play….hmmm should I jam out with the Stones, some Bowie, Nirvana, Cream…..Oh so much to choose from…..

Parents, one warning: if your child hasn’t played and would like to learn ,the only violence, or foul language will come from you while they practice getting better…but I assure you it will pass as they get better……O.K., in all serious this game is great for anybody……

250 out of 5 stars!!!! This Game ROCKS!!!!

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