Star Wars The Force Unleashed the Ultimate Sith Edition PS3 Review

Star Wars the Force Unleased the Ultimate Sith Edition PS3 Review

(WARNING!!!  This review will contain some spoilers.  Sorry.)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away……actually it is this galaxy and it is on the planet Earth….but I had you going there for just a brief minute, right?  Star Wars the Ultimate Sith Edition for the Playstation 3 review is here!!!!!    If you are a fan of Star Wars, or even if you are not, this game is what you would call awesome.  The graphics are stunning, and the story is out of this world.  For the “Han shot first” crew, the story in this game is so reminiscent of the original Star Wars trilogy before the alterations.   I have been known just to play the cut scenes for people.   And if you are worried about the acting (or should I say voice acting)…Don’t.  You won’t hear anything about “oh it’s your love that has blinded me.” Or “Whoopee” or “Mesa the most annoying thing to make the Ewoks look even more adorable sa.” I’ll admit I made the last one up, but you get the point.  One of the few things that they took from the prequels was the amazing use of the force and awesome lightsaber use.  The story takes place between Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4 A New Hope.  You play as Darth Vader’s Apprentice, Starkiller, (Yeah, I think the name is a little cheesy myself) hunting down the remaining Jedi and training to over throw the Emperor.

So what is the difference between the original Star wars Force Unleashed and the Ultimate Sith Edition?  Glad you asked, not much except there is one new level available that was not a DLC (DownLoadable Content, just in case you didn’t know) on the Playstation Network.  In the game you get all the different original DLC skins plus a couple of new ones.  You will also get the two original DLC levels, and like I said one new level that was never released as a DLC.  If you already have the original game I would say just borrow a copy from a friend or better yet just get one at the library.   Now here is my one gripe about the game….they don’t actually put the new levels in the game itself.  What I mean is you can either select at the new game start option the original game or one of the extra levels that go along with the story.  Why not just actually add them in to the original game itself, you know make it one big story with all the bonus chapters included, so I don’t actually have to start a new game to access them.

Parents:  all the warning I am going to give is this is Star Wars so yes there is some violence and if you thought that Revenge of the Sith was dark then that was only a slice of the pie and this is the whole pie.  I would say ages 13 and up just because it is dark and you really are not one of the nicest fellows around…..but are you all darkside? Play the game and find out.  5 out of 5 stars.

–contributed by user Chris Nagle

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