Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2–Ultimatley a let-down.

Since this is my second video game review I find it appropriate to do a sequel game….Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2!!  I was going to try to review it with out comparing it to the first one, which by the way is a must have, but I can’t not get it out of my head that yes, the first one is better.  Oh, don’t get me wrong the MUA2 is good on its own rights but as a sequel not so much.  Once again you have a large array of heroes and a dash of villains to choose from.  I really can’t say I have a favorite team, but I do have some favorite characters I liked to play…Hulk being one of them.  The game play is much like the first game, four heroes or villains running through a level smashing up stuff, beating the baddies, saving the day.  However, this time around there are two story lines: the anti registration side (Captain America) or the pro registration side (Tony Stark, a.k.a. Ironman).

Some of the graphics are tweaked but nothing spectacular.  It is a good game, don’t get me wrong ,but  the first is still better, and that is how I feel.  Would I own it….yes, I love Marvel and the characters and I could see myself playing it again.  I should probably warn you about the menu screens and changing your team members…can you say loading time…can you say annoying…for heaven’s sake I’m playing it on a PS3, fast loads, great graphics, and everything….MUA2 was just a let down, but somehow not enough for me to totally dislike it.  Maybe, if you have not played the first one you may like it better.

I would say it’s for kids 10 and up.  There is the punching and the fighting, but it is a Marvel…if you let your kids read comics books or you read comics, that is what you should expect the type of game to be…a good Marvel “what if?” Civil War game.  Um, 3 ½ stars could have been 5 stars if it didn’t have so much to live up to from the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

–contributed by user Christopher Nagle

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