4 Resources to Know If You Have a Library Card

We’ve seen a lot of change in media industries lately. Between streaming services like Netflix and Spotify and cable providers developing on-demand apps for smartphones and tablets, people can get their favorite media on any device at any time…for a price.

Libraries have been slowly changing to accommodate the needs of their patrons. The days of dusty old books and card catalogues are over! Today, in addition to books, you can also borrow movies, music, video games, magazines, and audiobooks. Patrons also have access to specialized databases, language learning software, genealogy resources and much more! Below is a short list of resources that you probably didn’t know that your library offered. All of these resources are currently available to Avalon Free Public Library patrons.

1.) Hoopla


Hoopla is one of the fastest growing library media streaming services today. They provide Music, Movies, Audiobooks, and TV Shows that can be streamed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Hoopla is also developing apps for internet TV services like Roku. What differentiates Hoopla from similar resources is the fact that patrons can stream any media they want at anytime. Library’s do put limits on how much content can be streamed in a month but you wouldn’t have to wait for someone to return content before you can access it. Hoopla also boasts a great user experience with their easy to use mobile and desktop apps.

AVALON LIBRARY PATRONS: You can access Hoopla by going to our website and clicking the blue Hoopla logo at the bottom of the home page. Once your account has been set up, the Avalon Library allows its patrons to download up to 10 items per month (One item equals one movie, one music album, one audiobook, and one TV episode).

2.) OverDrive


OverDrive is one of the best resources for eBooks and Audiobooks for libraries. The selection is always being updated with the newest titles and you can stream everything to your smartphone, tablet, or computer! Want to know the best part? Everything is automatically returned when it is due! You do not have to worry about late fees!

AVALON LIBRARY PATRONS: You can access OverDrive by going to the library’s website and click the link at the bottom of the page. Once your account has been set up, the Avalon Library allows patrons to keep content for up to 21 days.

3.) Freegal


Freegal Music is exactly what it’s name implies. FREE and LEGAL music downloads for patrons with a library card. Now, what makes Freegal special is the fact that you OWN the music once you download it. You do not have to pay money, deal with any strange DRM stuff, or worry about returning the music at any time! Library’s do put a download limit on how many songs patrons can download per week, but in the end you’re getting free popular music with your library card! The music library is huge so make sure to check it out!

AVALON LIBRARY PATRONS: You can access Freegal Music by going to our website and clicking on the Freegal logo at the bottom of the page. Once your account has been set up, patrons may download up to 5 songs per week.

4.) Flipster


Flipster magazines is a service provided by EBSCO that allows patrons to read popular magazines online for free. Major titles like Rolling Stone, People, and Forbes are all available! All you have to do is sign in using your library card and you can start reading today!

AVALON LIBRARY PATRONS: You can access Flipster by going to our website and clicking on the Flipster logo. You do not need an account to use Flipster, just put in your library card and start reading!


We encourage everyone to explore the digital options that your libraries have to offer. The Avalon Library has a ton of other online resources ranging from language learning software to extensive online databases! To see the full list of everything we offer, check out our resources page on our website!

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