App of the Week: Mango Languages

This week’s app of the week is one that works with your library card! We’ve done a review on Mango Languages before, but they have recently released a new version of their mobile app.

For those who don’t know, Mango Languages is language-learning software designed for libraries. They offer over 60 different language options (including Swahili and even Pirate!) that you can learn on a very easy-to-use platform.


When I first opened the new Mango Languages app, I was surprised at how easy it was to sign up. It took about two minutes after I put in my email address and library card number. I sifted through some of the language options and got started learning right away.


The way the courses work is they have a narrator who walks you through the program. They talk about specific topics and go into great detail about the literal translation of what you’re saying. They even have a feature that lets you record the phrase you’re learning and then compares it to the narrator’s version. When you’re finished using the app, Mango automatically saves your place in the course you’re in so you can jump right back into what you were learning.


If you are looking for a free alternative to language learning software like Rosetta Stone, Mango Languages is a great place to start. The mobile app makes it easier than ever to learn languages wherever you happen to be! Plus you get to watch two mangos talk to each other in different languages, which is worth totally worth the download!

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