New Events & Exhibits Planned for 2018 at the Avalon History Center!

The Avalon History Center is excited to announce a number of new exhibits and events planned for the coming year! With events ranging from lectures on the history of the town itself, to new exhibits focusing on many of people’s favorite parts of Avalon life, 2018 at the History Center promises to be “cooler by a mile.”

To kick things off this Spring, we will be launching a display about children in Avalon that will feature pictures from local schools and sports teams throughout the town’s history. Collections Coordinator Bonita Risley says, “Viewers typically are thrilled to find themselves or friends amongst the faces in the photos.” If you have photos or uniforms related to this topic, please bring them by the History Center for inclusion in the exhibit.

An update is also planned to the existing Avalon Beach Patrol display, with an increased focus on the women of the organization. “We don’t have much gathered on the experiences of female Avalon lifeguards, and we want to recognize their contributions,” says Center Director Nina Ranalli, who asks for past or current female members to contact her.

An exhibit focusing on the Avalon Players will be opening as well, in honor of the group’s 50th Anniversary. It is set to premiere this July to coincide with the Avalon Players Reunion on 7/28. Any donations of relevant costumes, set pieces, or photos would be welcome.

Lastly, a 3-part lecture series about the history of Avalon will also be presented. The first will cover the town’s “railroad age” from 1888-1939, the second will run through 1962 when the infamous March Nor’Easter devastated the region, and the third will cover the rapid changes that have taken place in more recent years.

A number of additional programs are also planned for this Summer, like Trivia Night and an historic Clamshell Pitch competition.

For more information about these events as they draw nearer, keep an eye on the History Center’s official website [] and Facebook page [].

In addition to the items mentioned above, the History Center is also looking for donations pertaining to music from the Marine Ballroom, photos or information from the Bongo Room or Catacombs, video of Ed McMahon talking about Avalon on “The Tonight Show”, and photos of hotels in the 60’s and 70’s. If you wish to offer any donations or information feel free to stop by the History Center at 215 39th Street or call 609-967-0090.


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