Book Review: “The Terror” by Dan Simmons

terrorIn 1845 the Franklin Expedition headed towards Canada in search of the Northwest Passage, they didn’t find it and only 1 of the 2 boats was ever found many years later, underwater. Here author Dan Simmons speculates about the fates of the real men who undertook the journey and what they likely suffered through while trapped in the ice. In this tale though, the Arctic air, crushing ice, and dwindling supplies aren’t even the worst of their worries, as a vicious predator is stalking the men, attacking them as they fight for survival. Truly great historical fiction and horror novels are hard to come by, so to find a story that so perfectly executes both at the same time is quite a miracle, but here we are. The characters are complex and engaging, the historical detail fascinating, and the scenes with the monster incredibly suspenseful. You will genuinely care about the fates of many of these men, and find yourself still worrying after them even as you lie in bed wondering about the source of that strange sound. A new horror classic. ★★★★★ – Sean Farrell


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