Book Review: “The Cabin at the End of the World” by Paul Tremblay

cabin at the end of the worldSometimes with books and movies, the less you know going in the better. This is definitely one of them. The story opens on 7 year old Wen and her adoptive parents, Andrew and Eric, who are vacationing in an isolated lakeside cabin in New Hampshire. It’s miles to the next house and well out of range of cell phone towers, with only a TV hooked to a small satellite dish offering any connection to the outside world. As Wen plays alone in the front yard, a friendly young man approaches her and strikes up a conversation. Things seem pleasant enough until he says a few things that strike her as a little odd, and then 3 of his friends appear carrying strange, homemade weapons. Wen runs to the house to warn her parents and the 3 of them lock themselves inside, as the strangers claim they mean no harm, but need their help to save the world. Is what they’re claiming true or are they suffering from some sort of group delusion? How long can they keep them out of the small cabin and what will happen if they get in? What follows is a harrowing masterclass of suspense, that will linger with you long after the final page. Once you start, it will be hard not to keep going to see exactly where this novel is heading and how everything will play out in what is easily one of the scariest books I’ve read in years. ★★★★★ – Sean Farrell


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