Awards Season Movie Review: Boys State

boys stateThis documentary takes us into an annual event in which 1000 teenage boys all converge on one location to assemble a representative government over the course of a week. Many wind up being involved in the mock Congress, but most of the time here is spent following the election for President, and rightfully so. Simulating a two-party system, the group is split in half, and then participants have to first earn their party’s nomination and then compete to win the general election, all while the party itself and its platform are being decided on as well. This all manages to be absolutely riveting, with the infighting, backstabbing, and manuevering keeping viewers rapt. Some of the macho-posturing and poorly thought-out positions espoused by the wannabe candidates can cause more than minor eye-rolling, but that’s to be expected when you get a group of 17 year old boys in one room. Luckily, most of the primary cast the filmmakers decided to focus on more closely are far more interesting and feel like they could genuinely wind up working in politics in some capacity as adults. Prepare to be amazed at just how much you will wind up caring about the outcome of a fake election that took place over 2 years ago. ★★★★ – Sean Farrell

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