Awards Season Movie Review: La Llorona

la llaronaWhile movies are certainly there to entertain us, they can also enlighten us to events in the world around us. Guatemalan horror film La Llorona does an excellent job of both. Primarily taking place in the home of ousted dictator Enrique Monteverde, who has returned there after escaping punishment for ordering the genocide of native Mayans due to a technicality, his behavior becomes increasingly erratic as throngs of angry protestors fill the streets outside the house. The majority of his staff quit as a result, leaving him with just his family, his chief servant, and a new girl who joins the household to help. His family becomes increasingly worried as he becomes more and more certain that he is being haunted. While the main plot is a somewhat standard vengeful ghost story, the majority of the film instead focuses on the reverberations of the atrocities on the nation and its people, allowing us to experience them in microcosm. The constant noise of the crowds outside help create an eerie tension that lingers throughout, but the real horror is in the brief flashbacks to terror inflicted by Monteverde’s forces. The movie, and the true events that inspired it, will haunt you. ★★★★ – Sean Farrell

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