Last Night in Soho

Movie Review: Last Night in Soho

This was surprisingly good! I wasn’t sure how the movie would be because it was a bit difficult to follow since there are supernatural elements to the storyline that don’t seem to make sense at first. As the characters and story start to make sense, several of the characters unfold while others remain a mystery up until the very end. The ending was a twist, too!

The story follows a young college student, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), who is studying fashion design in London. She moves out of her dorm due to a bad relationship with her college roommate. The apartment she rents is owned by an elderly woman who is kind but also stern with strict rules about no male visitors in the apartment. Everything with the arrangement seems fine at first but then Eloise starts to see visions of a woman, Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy), who loves to go out to clubs to dance. The mystery woman seems to appear to the college girl every time she falls asleep as if from a dream. At first Eloise seems excited to have more dreams about Sandie’s exciting adventures but then the dreams start to turn darker and more sinister as Sandie seemingly gets swept up in the party life too much. Throughout the movie, Eloise gets deeper and deeper into Sandie’s tormented life until she finally finds out the shocking and sinister truth about Sandie’s past! ★★★★

rated r for bloody violence, sexual content, language, brief drug material, and brief graphic nudity.

★★★★★ = Excellent | ★★★★ = Very Good | ★★★ = Good | ★★ = Fair | ★ = Poor

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