PS3 Review of Brutal Legend

brutal legend

Fans of Metal the Gods almost shined on you with Brutal Legend.  I may be one of the few that are not praising how awesome this game is.  Oh, don’t get me wrong the graphics are stunning, the sound track is absolutely amazing, and the voice acting is thought out and somewhat funny.  You play as Eddie, a heavy metal roadie voiced by Jack Black.  I’m not a big fan of Jack Black; he can be funny but after awhile I feel like lighting my head on fire and putting it out with a sledge hammer.  There are other surprises that I will not ruin for metal heads but I will say you can’t have a game about heavy metal, demons, and rock and roll without a certain Metal Icon.

Let us get to the game play….Brutal Legend becomes Brutal Boring.  I was forcing myself to play it just so I could write a review.  You spend most of your time driving/ or running around exploring, which becomes very mundane and rather humdrum.  The actual missions and secondary missions at first are ok but then, once again, they become humdrum as well and rather bland.  But, once again, the soundtrack I could listen to over and over…it rocks.

Now for you parents:  in the beginning of the game you will be asked if you want the vulgarity bleeped out and to see or not to see the gore.   This is of course to make it safe for kids to play…..don’t be fooled.  Kids will just reset the game and choose door number one to get all the F-bombs and blood the game offers.  This is not a game for kids.  Yes, I know it looks all cartoony and it is somewhat funny but once again this is not a game for kids.  Do you remember your first real, and I do mean REAL, metal album and knowing how much it was going to tick off your parents…this game is that record/tape/ cd.  Blood, Gore, Language, and partial nudity make this game definitely not for kids.  I have to give this game 2 stars one for the great voice acting and graphics and one for the sound track.

-contributed by user Christopher Nagle

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