Dead Space 2 for Playstation3

Have you seen those commercials with the mothers  saying how awful this game is and the tag line is “your mother is going to hate this?” Well, they may have a point. Blood, gore, language violence, monsters, horror, sci-fi……yeah it was a fun game and most likely, your mother is not going to be a big fan.

Dead Space 2 is as you should expect a sequel, but if you have not played the first one it is ok because at the start screen there is an option to see what happened previously to the start of this game.  Also, if you have the collector’s edition for the Playstation 3 you will get the Extraction DLC already on the disc.  The game also comes with multiplayer online, but then again what game doesn’t come with that any more.

You are once again playing as Isaac as you wake up in a straight jacket and all hell starts to break loose. You will be able to upgrade your guns and your outfit as you run through the game and you will be able to find schematics for different guns and suits.  The necromorphs are back, which are reanimated dead crew, but they are not zombies they are these nasty looking monsters dripping with blood and nasty stuff.  The graphics are nice, the controls are easy to learn and the targeting system really isn’t bad, I also like the story line as well and I did play through it more than once. However, the game is short (I beat it in a day) and some of the voice acting is just a tad bit unbelievable.

Now a quick review of multiplayer….didn‘t try it so I don’t know…sorry.

Parents, be warned the commercials are not that far off target. There are some language issues, blood and gore, and just some nasty stuff. You may also want to be mindful because this is a horror genre game and it does a very good job of building the suspenseful, intense feeling that may be too much for kids.  I would suggest renting it first or going to the library and giving it a try before purchase.

3.5 out of 5

-contributed by user Chris Nagle

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