AFPL App of the Week: Sight

If you’ve actively used your computer in the last 15 years, you’ve probably bookmarked webpages before. There are a lot of different types of bookmarking applications out there these days, but in our opinion, one stands out from the rest. Sight is a bookmark application which give you the capability to screenshot an article to be saved later. Why is this important? Before, one would have to copy the link and save it to one of their bookmark applications like Pocket. Though that process is very easy, the process of just taking a snapshot of the article actually cuts out two or three steps. Sight also allows you to read the article in their app which eliminates distractions which would usually reside on the page such as ads and other buttons. You can opt to read the article on the original page as well.


Its a pretty simple application which does only a few things, but if you’re someone who inhales content like its their job and you find yourself wishing you could save other articles to read later, Sight is definitely for you! Currently, Sight is only available in the Apple App Store. For more information, check out the Sight website!

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