5 Reasons Why You Should Trust Mango to Teach You a New Language

We all remember what it was like being in high school language class. You have to learn the essentials: “Hello!”, “Goodbye!”, and “May I please use the restroom?”. After that, it’s all just trying to keep up with all of the different tenses and conjugations which, depending on the language you were learning, could be pretty intimidating. Especially when you were busy mulling over who to take to the homecoming dance.

Now that you’re out of school and the homecoming dance isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be, you think you might be interested in learning a new language. Unfortunately, you can’t afford one of those expensive CD programs or to go back and take a course at the local community college. It all seems hopeless right? Wrong! Here at the Avalon Free Public Library, we are testing out a brand new language learning program called Mango Languages which patrons can access FOR FREE with their library card. Here are 5 reasons why you should be excited about it:

1.) It’s Simple.
Mango Languages boasts an extremely user friendly interface along with a beautiful color palette which makes the experience of using it a dream! The cutting edge design makes it simple enough for someone who isn’t tech savvy to use the program, but is sleek enough that someone who is a more advanced will not feel like they’re using a children’s toy.

2.) Many options – and many more to come!
Right now, a patron with an Avalon Free Public Library card can learn up to 9 languages. If we find that many patrons are using the service, we can expand to up to 60 different languages including but not limited to Armenian, Swahili, Haitian Creole, and Yiddish!

3.) Analytics!
Mango provides you with an in depth analysis of your performance as you go through their courses. Being able to see what your weaknesses are can save you a lot of time!

4.) Mango Labs
Mango Languages has a bustling research and development team who are busy putting together new and interesting ways to learn languages! One idea which has been put into use has been their ‘Mango Premiere’ feature which teaches you languages while you watch famous foreign films! They also have apps available for iOS and Android for on-the-go language learning!pirate

5.) You can learn how to speak Pirate.
With the current version of Mango Languages available for patrons through the Avalon Library, one can challenge themselves to learning the ‘Pirate’ language. Who knows, it might come in handy next time you’re in the store and someone tries to commandeer your shopping cart! Arrrrrr!

Try out Mango Languages today!

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