AFPL App of the Week: Mailbox

Unless you live in the woods, you most likely have an email account. If you have an email account, theres a good chance you’re one of the 425 million people who use gmail. If you’re like me, you might have more than one account. This is why you need Mailbox.

Mailbox is an email management application which was designed to help you sift through emails while you’re on a mobile device. Recently acquired by Dropbox, Mailbox boasts one of the most easy to use interfaces available for email apps. Basically, when you receive an email in the Mailbox app, you swipe right to delete or save the email and swipe left to put on a list or to be reminded about the email. Its these functions which set mailbox apart from other email-boxes and that has inspired developers to create their own mailbox applications. Overall, this is the best email management app we’ve ever used.

Mailbox currently is only for people who use or google (gmail) email accounts but they are in the process of adding more. For more information as to how Mailbox works, check out their website. The app is available for Apple and Android as well as a desktop app for Mac.

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