AFPL App of the Week:

This week’s app of the week is a live streaming service similar to one of our previous AOTW’s, but the key difference is that this app is about streaming conversations rather than whatever you’re looking at the moment. Blab is from the brains that brought you Bebo, a social media site converted into a group of creatives who brainstorm groundbreaking apps (or at least that’s what Wikipedia tells me).

So currently, there’s a ton of live streaming services out there like Meerkat, Periscope, YouNow, and UStream. When I first discovered Blab I had a very similar feeling that you may have, “Soooo what is this? Another app with a funny name trying to gain venture capital?” It was after I spent two straight hours watching Blab I realized that this was more than just a streaming service.

Blab allows up to four people to publically video chat at the same time. This leads to an experience that feels like a combination of listening to informational podcasts, listening to radio shows where listeners can call in, and FaceTiming with your friends.


When you first get to the homepage, all of the active Blab talks are situated in order of how many viewers are watching the broadcast. If you’re interested in watching a talk, simply click on the cast you want to watch and it takes you right in. If you’re interested in contributing to the conversation, you can do it in one of two ways. You can sign into Blab using your Twitter credentials and use the public comment section to ask questions or comment on the broadcast. If there are empty spots on the video cast and the broadcasters are accepting outsiders to join the broadcast, you can apply to join the video cast by simply pressing the “+” button on the broadcast screen.

In the app world, one stat that is very important is User/Viewer retention. In a world where so many different companies fight for your valuable attention, most end up with figures between 5-10 minutes. Blab has recorded that the average user spends 63 minutes per visit, which is unprecedented. After using the app, I believe that statistic. And so do all of the other passionate Blab users who use the application regularly.


Overall, this platform has a lot of potential. Everyone I’ve talked to about this platform has been reacted the same way – with a ton of excitement. We at the library plan on using this platform to broadcast webinars and have special conversations about topics regarding Avalon and our future programs.

If this interests you, let us know what you want to see by reaching out on one of our social media pages!



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