Introducing: Binge Boxes

We are proud to announce our brand new circulation item: Binge Boxes! Don’t you hate it when you’re on Netflix or HBOGo and you see a movie from a series that you want to watch but you haven’t seen the prequels? Not to mention the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find all of the movies in a series on free (and legal) streaming services!

Well, we here at the library figured we could tackle that problem by bundling movies in boxes and circulating them as one item. We have series boxes like Star Wars and The Avengers, boxes for famous directors like Martin Scorsese, boxes for specific genres like Mafia movies, and boxes dedicated to specific actors like Tom Cruise or Sandra Bullock. Currently, we have 24 boxes ready to be check out right now with more planned and on the way! Check out our selection below:

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Not pictured: Harry Potter (Complete Series)

Future Boxes: Disney Princesses, Disney Movies, Hunger Games, The Fast and the Furious, Oscar Nominees and MORE!

Do you have a suggestion for a Binge Box? Email Ryan at or stop by the circulation desk!

Loan Rules

  • Loan Period: One (1) week
  • Only allowed to be renewed one (1) time
  • Not available to be placed on hold
  • Late Fee: $1.00 per day
  • Can only check out one (1) box at a time


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