Civil War: Captain America/Iron Man Graphic Novel Review

In the midst of superheroes fighting armies of aliens from outer space comes a breath of fresh air – an entire universe of beloved comic heroes divided against itself.  In the new compilation of Civil War: Captain America/Iron Man, the eponymous heroes face off against each other over the fate of the superhumans of the Marvel Universe.

In this collection, Captain America faces off against the United States government that he fought for and supported for decades.  Leading the charge against the Captain is billionaire Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.  At the center of their conflict is the battle over superhuman registration – should superpowered beings register with and work for the federal government? This debate will ultimately threaten to divide some of the greatest super-teams in comic history, featuring issues from Captain America, Winter Soldier, Iron Man/Captain America, and Civil War. Read ahead and choose your side before the film Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

Review by Olivia Gorecke

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