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UPDATE 7/31/18: The Moviepass service has changed significantly since this post. The monthly fee is going up to $15. In addition, the service now restricts you from seeing the same movie more than once, charges “surge-pricing” for popular movies of up to $8 each, and also completely bars users from seeing wide releases during their first 2 weeks in theaters. As a result of these changes and the company’s financial instability, we can’t recommend the service any longer.


I used to go to the movies at least once a week, always excited to see whatever new offering(s) Hollywood had in store for me. In the ensuing years however, I found myself going to the theater less and less. There are a variety of reasons for this, but chief among them would be the constantly rising price. There were still a lot of movies coming out that looked interesting to me, but it was harder and harder to rationalize the cost of a ticket, especially as the window between the theatrical and home video releases got smaller and smaller. But there is still something to be said for watching a film on a big screen in a room full of strangers, all excited to go on the same adventure, and a part of me really missed doing it so regularly.

Screenshot_20171030-112517The MoviePass app fixes the price problem though, allowing the holder to see a near-unlimited number of movies for only $9.95 per month. It works at the majority of movie theaters, so the odds are that one near you accepts the program. To sign up, head to, enter your information, and then wait 1-2 weeks for your card to arrive. Once it does, download the app on your phone and activate it. Then you can browse the app to see nearby theaters and showtimes. The day of the screening, head to your preferred cinema and check-into your movie with the app, at which point you have 30 minutes to head inside and buy your ticket using the MoviePass card. That’s it!

Screenshot_20171030-112554There are some restrictions of course. You can only use it to purchase 1 ticket, anyone else you are watching with will either need their own card or have to pay the old-fashioned way. You are also limited to 1 movie per day, and the program does not work for special formats like 3D or IMAX. You’re also on your own at the concession stand. Other than that, you are free to watch movies to your heart’s content!

Even if you only go to the theater once a month, you will still wind up at least breaking even based on the average price of a movie ticket, and if you think you might like going weekly or more, the savings will be hard to pass up. Between this and the DVD’s at the library, you could possibly even launch a career as a film critic, or at the very least it will make it a lot easier to rekindle a love of seeing movies on a big screen.

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