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hq2Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on a game show, but don’t feel like taking a trip to Los Angeles? One of the hottest apps on the market right now can help scratch that particular itch for you. From 2 of the co-creators of now-defunct 6 second video app Vine comes HQ Trivia. The free app hosts a live game, complete with a host, every night at 9pm EST and every weekday afternoon at 3pm EST.

To play just download the app, create your free account, and be ready at the designated times. Then you and hundreds of thousands of other players will each answer a series of 12 trivia questions, ranging from easy to hard, with 1 wrong answer knocking you out of the game. At the end of the questions, all the hq1remaining players split the prize pot, which has so far gone as high as $10,000.

The game is still pretty new, so it can be a bit buggy. When I played it last night it didn’t start until nearly 10 minutes after 9, and then the video of the host was very low quality and frequently froze up. Fortunately the questions are presented on-screen separately of the video, so gameplay wasn’t affected. As for the questions themselves, the first 2 were pretty easy, the next 2 were moderately challenging, and then things got very difficult. I only managed to last through the first 6. Around half a million players started the game, but only about 60 made it all the way to the end, with each winning a bit more than $30. There is also a public chat display at the bottom of the screen, but with so many people trying to talk in there it’s effectively useless.

The app still needs a little work, and it would be appreciated if things started a bit more punctually, but it was a nice diversion and I will definitely be playing it again.

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